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Description - Street
  • Thematically the reality of street homelessness in all its permutations – economic homelessness, homelessness and health care, homelessness and mental illness, homelessness and transnational migrants, youth homelessness, and older people and homelessness – runs like a thread through all these locations. In addition, street homelessness increasingly has a suburban face as well, with at least 44% of homeless people in the City of Tshwane finding themselves in suburban areas. Street homelessness is a priority of the Urban Studio, since its inception. 


  • The Tshwane Homelessness Forum coordinates actions and concerns of organisations and individuals seeking to address street homelessness

  • ‘Pathways out of homelessness’ is a comprehensive, trans-disciplinary research project, continuously developing knowledge in relation to street homelessness in the City of Tshwane

  • One of the outcomes of the ‘Pathways out of homelessness’ research project was the adoption of the Tshwane Homelessness Policy and Strategy in August 2019

  • The project helped birth the National Homeless Network


How can a collaborative, ‘command centre’ approach to street homelessness, help to significantly reduce the number of street homeless persons, through appropriate interventions and infrastructures that end homelessness one person and one family at a time?

Research actions 

  • Continuous knowledge generation and dissemination through the ‘Pathways out of homelessness’ research project (popular media and academic publications)

  • Accompanying implementation of the adopted Policy and Strategy on street homelessness in the City of Tshwane

  • Providing secretariat to the National Homeless Network and on-going advocacy support for appropriate policy, strategy and budgets at national, provincial and local government levels

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