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  • Mamelodi East is a fast-growing part of the Mamelodi township to the east of the City of Tshwane. It combines more established neighbourhoods with new settlements; stable informal settlements where people have land rights, with newly occupied spaces where people lack land rights; and characterized by vast social and economic vulnerability.  

  • Mamelodi East is also home to the Mamelodi Campus of the University of Pretoria. This is our base as the Urban Studio, from where we do our organizing, networking and capacity-building processes. 

  • The Urban Studio takes a slightly different shape in Mamelodi East. Here we focus on walking alongside NGOs and CBOs, supporting them through capacity-building and mentoring, encouraging local network-formation (bonding), as well as connecting them strategically to wider existing networks (binding). The 94 NGOs and CBOs we engage with deal with a range of issues, including youth substance use, early childhood development, after-school care, food gardens at local schools, social enterprise development, HIV/AIDS care, physical or mental disability, and so forth. 

Description - Mamelodi


  • 90 active NGOs, CBOs & FBOs and more than 30 churches

  • Engaging issues of youth substance use, food security, early childhood development, and child trauma

  • A mix of stand-alone houses, RDP houses, backyard dwellings and growing informal settlements

  • Formal and informal businesses

  • Local schools

  • The Mamelodi campus of the University of Pretoria


How best can a network of NGOs, FBOs and CBOs contribute to the well-being and regeneration of neighbourhoods in Mamelodi East? Models, practices and processes

Research actions 

  • Mapping the NGOs, CBOs and churches present in our database

  • Continuing and expanding the current capacity-building offer

  • Hosting an annual exhibition presenting community-based agency 

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