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  • The inner city of Pretoria offers various geographical spaces, conducive for learning and holding the potential for innovative change. 

  • Through the Tshwane Leadership Foundation, having been present in inner city neighbourhoods for more than 25 years now, possibilities are opened up with a wide range of current and potential partners. 

  • The Berea-Burgers Park neighbourhood – where the Tshwane Leadership Foundation is based – is an established inner city neighbourhood comprised of high-rise apartment buildings, a number of hotels, a central park, the City Hall, and 3 national museums. It is an area lending itself to healthy urban regeneration that can simultaneously model radical inclusivity.

  • In some ways, this neighbourhood already models such inclusion which needs to be better documented. 

  • At the same time, a participatory process to build the capacity for inner city management and to develop a precinct plan for this neighbourhood, was successfully completed in 2006 (De Beer 2017:454-455). 

  • However, the City of Tshwane failed to adopt and implement this plan. It is perhaps time to revisit, and, if possible, resuscitate this process. 

Description - Burgers Park


  • Creation of social and housing infrastructure, contributing to a socially inclusive inner city neighbourhood

  • Presence of a community park, churches, hotels and museums

  • Hosting the annual Feast of the Clowns, a community-based festival creating awareness for social justice 


How can an old inner city neighbourhood be managed in way that fosters high levels of socio-economic inclusion, vibrancy and livability? 

Research Actions

  • Document actions taken before in a Status Quo report

  • Revisit the Berea-Burgers Park Regeneration Initiative

  • Encourage revival of a local civic forum

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