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  • As a result of the offering of the one-year programme – Leadership in Urban Transformation – in which more than 50 grass-root faith-based urban practitioners and activists participated thus far, a number of sites were identified as possible Urban Studios in Cape Town.

  • Possible Studios in the Cape Town area might include socio-spatial integration in the Fish Hoek Valley; economic development in Delft; spatial justice and church land in the southern suburbs; and access to sanitation and food in Khayelitsha. 

  • Our role would be to become intentional about viewing these spaces as classrooms for learning and documentation, broadcasting not only the pain of the city but also innovative responses that mediate deep change. 

  • These spaces could then be offered as learning spaces in the urban transformational leadership programme, but they can also become spaces connecting to each other strategically, across the City of Cape Town. 

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