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Salvokop youth radio, Veterans Voice Radio discuss social justice and identity politics

"Uniting the Voices of Reason for Nation Building"

Veterans Voice Radio's vision is to be the leading educational on-line streaming radio station that broadcasts on nation building conversations, dialogues, story-telling and recitations. The Radio will transmit, interface and feature daily conversations with Veterans across the fields of specialisation in South Africa, Africa and the World; narrating their life experiences in a South Africa that was, that is, and that must become.

Cognisant of the fact that Veterans, across sectors of specialisation, have a fundamental role to play in the reconstruction and defining South Africa’s positive narrative, about a country “Alive With Possibilities”. Having traversed through the epochs and been a greater part of the revolution and evolution of South Africa’s regimes and trajectories, the Veterans have a particular responsibility to the country, that of narrating the stories of their life experiences (both the highs and lows) for the benefit of current and future generations to draw lessons; with the aim of reshaping the consciousness of these generations to appreciate their own historical contexts, which will then enable them to build on the present and prepare for the future unified by the resilient sense of Patriotism.

The Centre for the Advancement of Citizenry Participation in International Relations (CACPIR) has been observant of the un-African system that marginalises and alienates the Elderly community in our societies, relegating this cohort to the margins in our communities that amasses unparalleled wisdom, knowledge, experience, expertise and skills. The Veterans’ active involvement in the development process of the country, has the potential to shape a consciousness within all sectors of communities, ranging from matters related to politics, sports, creative arts, culture, heritage, IKS and recreation, business, education, health, diplomacy and peace building, environmental and more.

Send Dedications, Voice and Text Messages to: *+27(0)76 072 7459*

Facebook handle: *Veterans Voice Radio*

Instagram handle: *Veterans Voice*

Twitter handle: *@vvradio_tv*

Download the *Android or iOS App* by searching: *Veterans Voice Radio Streaming*

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